HF group
    Founded in 2011, HF Group is a financial services group operates in the Asia Pacific Region. Strongly rooted in our genuine and conscientious business principle, we bring our profound experiences in international financial services into China’s opportune market, and tailored to satisfy our clients’ financial needs. The Group provides a one-stop solution for all investment and consultancy concerns. Our services include asset management, professional accounting consultancy services, enterprise and personal investment and financial management consultancy services, PE funds, dealing in securities and futures, personal financing, as well as overseas immigration services.
    The Group’s pioneering spirit, proficiency in the market’s operations, rigorous internal control systems, and shareholders’ solid backgrounds are some factors that keep us on the cutting edge. We currently staff with over 250 elites who offer their professional knowledge and ample experiences to serve our clients’ distinctive demands. In recent years, The Group actively establishes and perfects our financial services to become an all-round financial organization. With the contribution of every member, The Group is steadily growing in accordance with the market’s demand. Up to now, our professional and innovative services have captured our clients’ appreciation and trust. Our client profile ranges from start up small enterprises, growing middle enterprises, to developing major enterprises. Through detailed analysis of the industry development and established long-term partnership with enterprises, Group plans to compliment the different stages of financial planning and development needs of a private enterprise. The Group strives to attain a comprehensive commodity platform to suit our clients’ diversified yet interrelated investment demands. Our business theory centers at integrated, innovative and sophisticated professional services in place of price competition. Salutations and recognitions from the market separate us from our competitors. The Group aims to continuously exploit and establish efficient client relations management system and lead investors toward global investment opportunities.
Investor Relations Solutions
Through our well-experienced professional teams and our close collaboration with investment banks and fund companies.

HF Group excels in choosing the most appropriate investor groups from the vast database for our clients, precisely deliver your exciting business plans to the targeted investors and maximize the advertising result. Over the years, we have established a robust network with listed companies; our copious participations enable enterprises to effectively and intensively communicate with global investors, promptly exchange information and establish connections with international investors. Numerous listed companies appointed the group as their strategic partner to create multitudes of business opportunity.
Wealth Management
HF Group has a team of professional financial planning advisers.

Through in-depth understanding and detailed analysis of our clients’ financial status, needs and objectives,our professional advisers organized a wide range of product selections to ensure the finest quality of financial planning services.
Investment Immigration Advisory Services
HF Group provides one-stop global immigration service.

We provide the most suitable investment immigration services for different requirement case by case.

We have years experienced and professional team monitoring the policy changed by different countries, good at outstanding customer’s characteristics advantage, focus on different type of application, ensure the high success rate for the application.
Professional Accountancy Consultancy Services
With a team of qualified and dedicated professionals,we offer comprehensive one stop quality services including accounting, auditing,Pre-IPO consulting, business consulting & advisory services for entities ranging from to small and medium enterprises and multi-national corporations.
Business Valuation
Our services include:

►Business Valuation

►Intangible Assets Valuation

►Financial Derivatives Valuation

►Plant & Machinery Valuation

►Real Estate Valuation

►M&A Valuation
Commodity Trading
Guangdong Huifude Precious Metals Co. Ltd was established in 2014 and is operated by HF Group.

The Affiliation specializes in precious metals trading and investment advisory business,and we are endeavor to be the most famous, secure and reliable brand of precious metal investment.

Please visit:http://www.gdhfd.com/
Asset Management
Robust Financial Network
►Close contact with fund managers
►Possess financial talents and specialists
►Well-acquainted with properties of funds

Personalized comprehensive services
►Layout and constitute common fund portfolios
►Professional advisory panels
Private Equity
We assist our clients in the Pre-IPO planning process,and coordinate with all other professional parties throughout the process.

►Improve a company’s major structure and functions
►Resolve any financial and legal issues
►Constitute consummate and eligible regulations
►Reconstruct the Company Policies
►Participate in the company’s daily operation
►Establish a seamless internal management system
►Assist in the company’s internal shareholding structure alteration
►Reconstruct the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

HF Cultural provide curricular and extra-curricular activities in English to both Adults and Children.

HF Cultural was established in 2015 and is operated by the HF Group. The Affiliation with the Group has allowed us to provide English Educational services to both Adults and Children at their Home, Work Place, School or anywhere suitable. Our services include:

►Intermediary services of alliance for primary/secondary schools between Hong Kong and China
►Softball coaching taught in English and by foreign coaches

With HF Cultural, our number one priority is to develop positive attitudes towards Learning English, Sports & General Life so that everyone is remaining active and will further specialize through our lead. As we introduce English through a variety of aspects, we will provide it through one fun and dynamic program.
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  • Shenzhen Office
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  • Address: 37/F, East Tower, Great International Exchange Square, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
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